About Us

Changing the Supply Chain Game

Streamliner is a supply chain collaboration platform that brings end-to-end visibility, control, and decision support on inbound and outbound flows.

The center of Streamliner is:

  • Slot booking/Appointment scheduling and Yard management

  • Order management, incl. reception execution & issue handling

Streamliner makes these processes collaborative and connected through

  • The smart messaging app, connecting people across all internal and external stakeholders.

  • Shared KPI dashboards

  • Document sharing

Streamliner is designed for the following industries:

  • Retailers/wholesalers, 

  • Logistics service providers, 

  • Manufacturers 

The build-in API layer guarantees easy interfacing with existing ERP, WMS and TMS tools

Streamliner establishes cost savings and optimization cases across a number of business areas.

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