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Get order visibility: always know where your orders are.

inbound monitoring

Connect your partners and close the gap from order to delivery.


Supply made

versus a platform
of people?

Forget the complex web of point-to-point interfaces with your suppliers’ IT systems. In our straightforward but secure cloud platform, you connect directly with all companies and key people in your supplier network. All users have a clear view on where the orders of their concern are.

Landing Slotbooking Features

Tap into the cloud
and enable agile

Get order visibility. You can follow online which orders have been accepted, which ones have been packed, and for which ones a carrier has booked a delivery slot at your warehouse. All important information is shared online, to be seen just by the people who need it. Time for you to breathe again.

across enterprises.

One platform
for all.

What happens to your orders after you place them? You’re often navigating in the dark unless you pick up the phone and call everybody. No need to do that if you’ve got Streamliner. The cloud platform tells you exactly where your orders are. If there’s an issue, the supplier is just a chat away.

Streamliner brings wholesalers, retailers, suppliers, and carriers much closer together. It’s as if the key people are sitting in the same room, sharing their information, and immediately responding to each other’s requests. Happy faces all over.


Learn how it works and discover how order visibility can save you time and improve your service.

Landing Slotbooking Benefits

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