Streamliner, designed for Retail & Wholesale, Manufacturing and Logistic Service Providers

Grocery Store Worker

Retail and wholesale

Giving stores and warehouses the real-time visibility and control to assure high customer service and efficient store operations

In Streamliner, every store and warehouse can see in real-time when the trucks arrive with which order(s) on it. Both for in-house logistics as well as direct supplies. The store and warehouse manager can check the details of the order, the shipment and the reception and enter in direct conversation, with the internal warehouse or external supplier, without the need of email addresses or phone numbers. Streamliner automatically notifies the responsible at the supplier or warehouse side side, while the performance of every stakeholder (internal and external) is  monitored and shared in real-time. 

The transparency and fast real-time communication improves collaboration and enables fast issue resolution.

Orange Juice Factory


Visibility and collaboration across a global network

Manufacturing supply chain are global and complex. A robust real-time communication and document sharing embedded in the transactional workflow is a key success factor.
The real-time shared KPI's of the Streamliner BI layer, reduce the preparation time and enhance the effectiveness of the supplier business reviews.

Truck and Warehouse

Logistic Service Providers

Improve internal efficiency and provide your customers better information

The logistics service industry is highly competitive. Internal efficiency is an absolute must. With Streamliner your teams have all information to optimise the inbound process across all your sites. The detailed dashboard of Streamliner pinpoints any source of disruption proactively.