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Returnable drinks packaging: An ecological marvel, but an administrative and logistical hassle!

Returnable drink packaging is back and growing. In Northern European countries we see next to the returnable glass bottle also returnable PET bottles appear.

For our planet, it is certainly a positive trend. Operationally it does not always go as smoothly as retailers and producers would like to see.

Internally retailers have set up very efficient logistic operations to collect and centralize the empties from their stores to central platforms. Platforms where the brewers and bottlers can come and pick up their empties. This last pick-up and collect process is however far from optimized.

Visibility on the available stock at the central platforms, planning of the actual pick-ups and tracking of what has been picked up is today an administrative nightmare. Emails and Excel templates are used to keep track of what is happening.

See how Makro has tackled this challenge using Streamliner.

Streamliner is a new way to manage your supply chain communication and collaboration with customers, suppliers and carriers.

Experience a Slack or Whatapp-like style of communication on the work floor. It is so much more efficient than emails and calls.

Start your supply chain community with your internal and external partners today, with Streamliner!

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