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Use Cases

Streamliner has achieved successful implementation across a wide spectrum of enterprises, encompassing wholesalers, Logistics Service Providers (LSPs), retailers, and manufacturers.

Illustrated by the numbers above, the proliferation of Streamliner's footprint correlates with the rise in the number of countries, companies, and users engaged. This expansion is intricately linked to the continuous growth of supply chain communities seamlessly integrating with the Streamliner platform.

We invite you to explore a collection of short videos showcasing how our customers have effectively implemented Streamliner and their perspectives on the platform's accomplishments.


Bakker Belgium

One of our customers, Bakker Belgium, gave a testimonial about the benefits they get from implementing Streamliner:

  • Dynamic slot length in function of the load size.

  • Streamliner's direct 2-way communication and collaboration capabilities allow them to speed up the processing of issues and claims.

  • Ability to balance capacity and resources, leading to a better spread of the workload in the warehouse over the day and week.

  • Powerful dashboards to follow up on daily operations.

  • Availability of data in Streamliner on effective inbound and outbound productivity, which allows them to optimize their operations.

  • Supplier and carrier performance evaluation.



Discover how Streamliner is used by a retailer to manage his inbound supply chain

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