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1.    What are cookies? 

1.1.    Cookies are small pieces of information in the form of text files, created by a program on the server of the Website, which are then stored by your browser on your computer’s or mobile device’s hard drive.

1.2.    These cookies allow the Website to remember information that determines the way the Website behaves or looks, such as your identification as a user, your preferred language and the facilitation of your use on the Website. Furthermore, the Website uses cookies in order to determine the circle of users and to ease the use of and facilitate the navigation on the Website. The use of cookies is generally accepted and virtually all important Websites and applications use them. 

2.    Cookies on the Website

On the Streamliner Website third party cookies are placed. These may include cookies of third parties such as (including without limitation and subject to change at Streamside’s discretion):

●    Wix (Cookies and Your Wix Site | Help Center | In general, the cookies which are placed on our website by Wix may be categorized as essential cookies. Take a look at the table below to see which cookies are placed:

Cookie Name    Purpose    Duration    Cookie Type
XSRF-TOKEN    Used for security reasons    Session    Essential
hs    Used for security reasons    Session    Essential
svSession    Used in connection with user login    2 years    Essential
SSR-caching    Used to indicate the system from which the site was rendered    1 minute    Essential
_wixCIDX    Used for system monitoring/debugging    3 months    Essential
_wix_browser_sess    Used for system monitoring/debugging    session    Essential
consent-policy    Used for cookie banner parameters    12 months    Essential
smSession    Used to identify logged in site members    Session    Essential
TS*    Used for security and anti-fraud reasons    Session    Essential
bSession    Used for system effectiveness measurement    30 minutes    Essential
fedops.logger.sessionId    Used for stability/effectiveness measurement    12 months    Essential
wixLanguage    Used on multilingual websites to save user language preference    12 months    Functional

For more information about these cookies you can consult the third party’s privacy and/ or cookie policy.

3.    Managing and deleting cookies

3.1.    You can manage the use of cookies yourself. For example, you may choose to block all cookies or only accept cookies from certain websites. Please note, however, that certain features of some websites are only possible if you have accepted cookies. Accepting cookies makes browsing the internet much easier and ensures that the websites you visit perform better. The use of cookies is generally accepted by internet users.

3.2.    You can configure your internet browser to be informed of each cookie sent or systematically refuse them by modifying the parameters of your browser. Streamside cannot guarantee the access, use and operation of the Website if the storage of cookies is disabled by your internet browser. 

3.3.    Managing and deleting cookies is also possible via the settings of your browser:

●    Apple Safari 

●    Google Chrome 

●    Edge

●    Mozilla Firefox

4.    Contact details

Any request relating to cookies, such as more information in respect of the individual cookies on the Website, the data these cookies collect, the purpose and retention period of these cookies or any other question relating to cookies, may be addressed to:

Last updated: December 28, 2020