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The Supply Planning process did not evolve at the same pace as Demand Planning did.

I had the chance to present at the 6th S&OP to IBP summit in Amsterdam, the gap between the tools used in demand planning versus supply planning.

Many companies have invested in demand planning systems over the last few years. Those tools have also become more sophisticated - including AI power forecasting capabilities.

This resulted in better forecasting and therefore estimation of the needed purchase orders to help fulfill this demand.

The supply chain crisis of 2021 has shown a weakness in the current supply chain toolset: the tracking of these purchase orders is fragmented across many tools, with excel lists, telephone en email still being the most used process.

Luckily, there are now solutions available to bring end-to-end visibility to that process and especially engage all key stakeholders of the order execution process in one community: suppliers, carriers, internal logistics, planners and other internal stakeholders.

Streamliner is leading the way. The strong business case to justify the adoption of this new way of working drives adoption.

Contact you today if you want to learn more about our slot booking and supplier visibility solution.

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