Streamliner establishes cost savings and optimisations cases across a number of business areas.

A business case model, developped together with Accenture and PWC confirms -25% savings across the inbound supply chain

Customer Service

When faced with an out of stock 21% to 43% of the consumers will actually go to another shop. Those abandoned purchases could translate, according to Havard Business Review, into as much as 4% of sales losses

Grocery Shopping with Mask

Labor efficiency

According to the annual study of Abode, American employees spend in 2019 352 min per day checking emails, i.e. almost 6 hours. 

The key reasons for sending emails:

  • 39% a quick question 

  • 57% a status update 

  • 47% provide feedback

Warehouse Workers

Warehouse capacity utilisation

When the warehouse capacity utilisation goes over 85%, driving distances go up and productivity goes down. With Streamliner you can give priority to those orders that are really needed

Packages on Shelves


As suppliers become more reliable thanks to the visibility and shared dashboards, safety stock levels will come down

Warehouse Shelves

OTIF penalties

The collaborative slot booking app avoids congestions at the warehouse, waiting times and costly penalties.

Truck Car Park

Detention and demurrage

All shipment documents can be directly uploaded in Streamliner and are immediately available to the right stakeholders in the supply chain.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Collaboration preparation

No need to prepare and email supplier performance dashboards around. In Streamliner they are 24/7 available and up to date

Team High Five

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