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Changing the Supply Chain Game

Streamside is a company, started by experts in supply chain, SaaS and social tech, with the ambition to digitalize the daily operations of all stakeholders in the supply chain. Indeed, a supply chain network can be considered as a social organism. The success of this organism depends upon its ability to enable or support collaboration among all participants and stakeholders.

In the last two decades, communication has changed from point-to- point (telephone, E- mail, EDI) to platforms (Whatsapp, Teams, Slack, Zoom). The Streamliner platform has adapted this collaboration and communication technology to the specific needs of logistics.

On the Streamliner platform, it is very easy for a company to set up your own community and invite its trading partners. Within your community, you can connect people from different locations and companies in your supply chain to each other and have them collect all sorts of data together.


Once the community is set up, Streamliner allows purchase orders to be monitored and controlled across the network of warehouses, stores and factories, from the moment the order is sent out to the instant product delivery is completed. Streamliner also seamlessly connects logistics service providers (LSP) with their principals and carriers. It allows the loading and unloading operations to be planned, monitored, and controlled across the network of warehouses or factories.

Typical companies that create communities on the Streamliner platform are:

  • Retailers and wholesalers, 

  • Logistics service providers, 

  • Manufacturers 


Although, Streamliner is a rather young company, it already links more than +1555 companies representing +2800 active users in +15 countries and handles +10.000 notifications per day on a 24/7 basis.


Streamliner SaaS platform operates next to your ERP, WMS and TMS tools. Streamliner can be interfaced with your existing systems in a straightforward way via its built-in API layer or via CSV file transfer. Streamliner can be deployed progressively site by site, allowing for a smooth roll-out across your organization. The SaaS cloud architecture means that none of the participants need to make any IT hardware investment, allowing for fast deployment across any international network of suppliers and carriers. Streamliner provides a ready-to-use onboarding kit that has proven to be successful in engaging the complete supplier and carrier base within two months or less.

Streamliner establishes cost savings and optimization cases across a number of business areas.

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