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The Slot booking tool designed to give you full control over your loading and unloading operations!


Slot Booking

For Logistic Service Providers

Learn how Streamliner improves warehouse efficiency and reduces truck waiting times by 40%

Operational efficiency, simplified.

Streamliner allows your carriers to book suitable delivery or pickup slots at your warehouses online. Imagine the efficiency gains: you’ve got no more congestions and bottlenecks at your gates, you can plan your resources accurately, and you avoid overtime and overstaffing.


Tap into the cloud
and enable agile

You tap into the cloud to connect with your carriers. You can follow online when they will arrive, what they will deliver, how much time they will need at your premises, and what resources and capacities you need to reserve. No unpleasant surprises for you.

across enterprises.

It’s a bliss for your carriers too. The platform automatically limits the options to slots that perfectly match their freight. As a result, they can be confident that you’ll be prepared, and that the operation will run smoothly. If there’s an issue, you are just a chat away from each other.

One platform
for all.

Streamliner’s platform makes life easier for all people involved. It’s easy, secure, and very efficient, both for the warehouse operators and the carriers. Freight delivery and pick-up become a joy for everyone.


Our features

Guide carriers to the correct location in your network

Carriers are guided to the right warehouse in your network. You can dynamically link your supplier, carriers and principals to one or more of your warehouses.

Dynamic length
of the slots

The length of the time slot is based
on the size of the shipment, being the number of logistics carriers (pallets, parcels, etc..) and the productivity in the respective zones of the warehouses or stores.

Real-time logging and sharing of operational statuses

All actions are logged and timestamped, and immediately visible to the people concerned.

Allocating gates and directing drivers

Each shipment is allocated to a gate. Registration of the driver at arrival is automated using a kiosk. The driver is then directed to the allocated gate.

Network effect

Suppliers, carriers and principals use a single company account to join any number of communities on Streamliner, facilitating the deployment. With that account, they can manage their own users and their roles in the different communities.

Document sharing

All parties, including your principals and carriers, can upload and share relevant documents and pictures related to the operation. Examples include delivery notes and certificates of origin.

Warehouse network mapping

You create digital twins of your warehouses, defining their capacities, zones, gates, opening hours, activities etcetera.

Shipment centric

All information linked to a shipment, including the automatic notifications, the corresponding documentation and the chat messages between the concerned stakeholders can be retrieved easily using the corresponding shipment ID.


Stakeholders engaged in executing
a loading or unloading operation are automatically notified of relevant events concerning that operation.

Smart chat function

You can discuss operations directly with your suppliers, carriers and principals without having to know their contact details.

Highly scalable

Streamliner can be implemented
across your global logistics
network, considering local specifics
but standardizing performance measurement across all sites. Reports can be drilled down from global to local.

Message wall

The built-in message wall and the smart chat function allow you to inform your suppliers, carriers and principals, providing relevant information such as roadwork or events around the site that could impact traffic, health and safety instructions, and administrative formalities and forms.

Inbound and outbound
capacity management

You can easily define and modify the loading and unloading capacity of your warehouses across the week and even within one day.

Managing claims
and returns

Claims and returns can be monitored and managed on the platform.

slot booking

You, your suppliers, carriers or principals can book a suitable time slot for loading or unloading of a shipment at a specific warehouse. Time slots can be reserved for specific carriers or principals, applying appropriate recurring patterns.


Performance of carriers is automatically monitored and made available in clear dashboards. The information is also shared with them in real time, as well as with the suppliers and principals involved.


The SaaS cloud architecture means that none of the participants need to make any IT hardware investment, allowing for fast deployment across any international network of suppliers and carriers.

Standardized issue

You can define a set of predefined issues to standardize the communication and reporting of deviations noticed during the loading or unloading operations.

Supply made

Your benefits


less time and effort
in handling claims

Better visibility, immediate collection and sharing of relevant data (such as a photo of damaged delivery, or a signed CMR contract), and close online contact with your carriers facilitates handling claims and managing returns.


Supply made

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Collaborative Slot Booking

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Fact Sheet Slot Booking

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"Streamliner offers realtime visibility, hence added value to the follow up of deliveries to our warehouse"
Guy Cys
Supply Chain Operations Manager
MAKRO/METRO Support Center
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