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Testimonial of Louis Van Hullebus, Operations Manager Van Marcke

In the video, Louis discusses the challenges Van Marcke faced before implementing Streamliner, including:

  • It took an average of up to 8 minutes to register a truck.

  • Van Marcke recorded 1,474 logistic incidents over a one-year period.

The top 3 causes of incidents were: 

  • Shipments with no booking or arriving late (46%)

  • Damaged goods (32%)

  • Lack of proper documentation (10%)

Louis also explains how Streamliner helped Van Marcke address these challenges and achieve impressive results, including:

  • €200,000 in savings at just one warehouse.

  • No more bottlenecks at the gate.

  • Improve inbound quality from 77% to 99,7% thanks to efficient collaboration.

  • Efficient resource planning and utilization of warehouse reception staff. 

  • Clear information and documentation on arrival.

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