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Cross-Company Collaboration & Data Sharing

Collaboration is crucial in supply chain, be it for inbound and outbound monitoring, slot booking processes or yard access because these activities involve multiple stakeholders, such as suppliers, carriers, manufacturers, and customers. Effective collaboration ensures smooth communication, coordination, and decision-making among all parties involved. For instance, in inbound monitoring, suppliers need to provide accurate information about shipments, carriers need to schedule deliveries, and warehouses need to allocate resources. In slot booking, collaboration helps streamline order fulfilment, enhance visibility, and optimise resource usage, ultimately leading to more efficient and cost-effective supply chain operations. Structured communication transforms information exchange into a powerful data source, unlocking insights and driving efficiencies.

Collaboration matters because:

  • Communication: Unified and centralised improves clarity.

  • Coordination: Real-time coordination boosts efficiency.

  • Insights: Instant updates aid decisions and operations.

  • Resolution: Alerts tackle issues quickly to the right person

Collaboration with Streamliner leads to cost savings by streamlining communication, improving coordination, and reducing manual document exchange delays.

managers meeting in warehouse



Streamliner is designed to seamlessly adjust to your organisational structure, rather than requiring you to modify your setup to fit the platform. It is also tailored to easily setup your stakeholder network, with external users being managed by the company they work for, rather than by you. It assures that all contact information is always kept up to date.

Streamliner network mapping screens

Stakeholder network mapping

You have the freedom to define your own digital twin, structuring your organisation into countries, sites, and warehouses. Internal users can be added at any level.

Distributed user management

You invite your stakeholders (carriers, suppliers, ...) to your community. The admin of your stakeholder is responsible to add and maintain their users.

User rights and user preferences

You determine the access rights of the internal users while the admin of your partners manages access rights for their users. Each user can set its own preferences.



"Supply made social" reflects Streamliner's core principle of transforming supply chain processes through collaboration and streamlined communication. Just as social platforms connect people and foster interaction, Streamliner connects supply chain stakeholders to facilitate seamless communication, efficient coordination, and enhanced visibility. This tagline emphasises the platform's unique approach of bringing a social element to supply chain management, promoting improved relationships and streamlined operations.

Message wall

The message wall enables you to communicate with your entire community by sharing pertinent general information such as traffic updates and safety instructions.

Order and shipment centric

Conversations within the chat are directly tied to specific orders or shipments, ensuring that information remains centralised and automatically directed to the appropriate users only, e.g. via mail notifications.


All users, including your suppliers and carriers, can upload and share relevant documents and photos related to a shipment. Examples include delivery notes, certificates of origin, and pictures of a damaged delivery.

Streamliner collaboration screens



Reporting is vital in supply chain management for transparency, accountability, and performance tracking. It enables data-driven decision-making, process optimisation, and ensures compliance, contributing to efficient improved collaboration with all stakeholders.

Streamliner dashboards

Standardised issue reporting

You can define a set of predefined issues to standardise the communication and reporting of deviations noticed during order delivery and shipment.


Dashboards are at hand offering an overview of raised issues. These dashboards enhance the ability to generate SLA reports based on data, ensuring decisions are driven by facts rather than emotions.


All chat information, along with attachments and time stamping, is retained for a duration of one year following the conclusion of the shipment. Summary data is preserved for a minimum of three years to facilitate reporting purposes. Longer storage can be facilitated.



Collaboration among supply chain stakeholders often remains manual and time-intensive. As explained above, Streamliner social tech platform brings numerous advantages and cost savings by digitising this process. To estimate the potential impact on your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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