Connecting Your Supply Chain

A collaborative digital community, powered by a growing number of smart apps such a slot booking, order management, reception & claims management and others. These apps on top of a collaboration platform transform traditional supply chain processes into real-time multi-company digital visibility and collaboration.

With Streamliner you can save up to  25% of your inbound supply chain cost

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The Saas-solution to make your supply chain collaboration digital

Supply chain is by nature an interplay of different functions, departments and divisions and it does not stop at the boundaries of your corporation. The global economy is a network of interlinked supply chains. 

Current IT-solutions have optimised the functional silos and did not focus on connecting the stakeholders.

The founders of Streamliner, each with 30+ years of expertise in their respective domeins, saw the value of connecting all supply chain stakeholders, internal and cross-company, using the latest social tec tools. 

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