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The slot booking platform with an integrated multi-stakeholder collaborative portal

Simplify your order follow-up.
Optimise your reception and expedition operations.

Eliminate unpredictability 
and save up to 8€ per order.

Slot Booking & Yard Access,

designed to drive cost savings and optimise your warehouse resource utilisation.
Inbound & Outbound Monitoring,

tailored to digitalise and transform the flow from the moment your order is sent until the goods arrive in your warehouse.

Cross-Company Collaboration & Data Sharing,

developed to improve communication among your team members and your external supply chain stakeholders (suppliers, carriers, customers, principals), standardising information sharing, structuring issue management, and ensuring transparent SLA monitoring.

Supply Chain collaboration


One solution for different industries.

Streamliner's collaborative slot booking and inbound monitoring platform has been tailored to suit the needs of various industries, whether you're a wholesaler, a logistics service provider, a manufacturer, or a retailer. Regardless of your industry, Streamliner addresses your requirements and potential savings.

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One platform with three functional blocks

Streamliner serves a range of purposes: it functions as a slot booking and yard management system, facilitates inbound order monitoring, and acts as a collaboration platform. Rather than duplicate functionalities, it complements your TMS and ERP systems. Irrespective of your business, Streamliner is tailored to meet your needs and unlock potential savings across these critical dimensions.

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Designed by experts.
Trusted by many.

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Here’s what customers are saying:
"Streamliner offers realtime visibility, hence added value to the follow up of deliveries to our warehouse"
Guy Gys
Supply Chain Operations Manager
MAKRO/METRO Support Center


Easy integration and deployment.

Designed as an SaaS platform to seamlessly complement and integrate into any ERP, TMS, and WMS system through well-defined APIs within a mere 10 days.

Our approach involves assisting you in implementing the solution, ensuring a smooth deployment process, a proven process for onboarding your stakeholders and training your team to autonomously roll-out the solution across all locations of your global network.

Interfacing with ERP, WMS or TMS

Ready to take control of your supply chain?

Let our experts show you how Streamliner works with a customised no-obligation demo or let us provide you with a cost savings analysis, completely free of charge, showcasing the potential financial benefits for your specific situation.


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