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Streamliner's collaborative slot booking platform effortlessly bridges the gap between you as a retailer and your suppliers and carriers. This connectivity ensures smooth monitoring from the instant an order is sent to the supplier to the point the goods reach your warehouse. Previous experiences have shown that this process incurs a cost of 33€ per order, but Streamliner can assist in reducing this by 8€, presenting significant savings.

Use Streamliner to:

  • Assign warehouse and store delivery slots dynamically based on your available resources

  • Intelligently adapts the slot length to the size of the shipment and type of operation 

  • Reduce congestion and idle time time at the warehouses and store receptions

  • Build a community covering all your internal team members and external stakeholders to foster collaboration

  • Minimizes the time your administrative staff dedicates to order monitoring.

  • Facilitate order follow up and claims resolution

  • Monitor your inbound shipments collaboratively

  • Manage and monitor SLAs based on data and not on emotions.

retail store


Reduce out of stock 

Streamliner provides an easy to install use tool for your customers, improving quality and collaboration.

customer shopping in retail store

Visibility on loading & unloading ​operations

Reliable, up-to-date information on expected arrival date and time., eliminating the fragmented information streams that currently inconvenience your suppliers. 

Improving customer service

Instant messaging, automatically directed to the right counterpart at your site.

Performance based on data, not emotions

Carrier and supplier performance is automatically tracked and displayed on intuitive dashboards, with real-time sharing of information.


Reduce truck waiting time and admin overhead

Streamliner functions as a collaborative platform linking you seamlessly with both your suppliers and their carriers, delivering tangible advantages for all parties involved.

Reduce waiting time

Your partners can easily manage slot bookings themselves, receiving instant confirmations while keeping the flexibility to update slots whenever necessary.

Streamlined communication

Suppliers and carriers manage their own user accounts for streamlined, order centric communication and document exchange with you and between each other.

Improve administration

Reduce time spent on emails and calls for order monitoring and claims resolution. And reduce paperwork by embracing digital document uploads and exchanges.

caddy and screenshots of Streamliner tool


Increase operational efficiency 

Streamliner engages carriers to provide reliable information on a planned delivery or pick-up, allowing you to accurately plan operations at the warehouses. 

Streamliner tool screen shots

Dynamic Slot Booking

Self-service slot booking with instant slot confirmation. Increase efficiency of your workforce by spreading inbound shipments according to availability.

Real-time efficiency

Real-time performance reporting. Real-time status update of shipments

Optimise inbound and outbound capacity

Easily define and modify the unloading capacity of your stores and warehouses, based on warehouse staff availability, across the week and even within one day.


One platform - three functional blocks

The Streamliner platform consists of three functional blocks : slot booking, inbound and order monitoring and collaboration that work together to optimise the retailer's supply chain.


Overall cost savings

Efficient inbound flow is of paramount significance for retailers, as it reduces out-of-stock situations in the stores and ultimately guarantees satisfaction for end customers. While most ERP systems effectively handle inventory and predict future demands, they frequently neglect the stage between order dispatch and goods receipt at the warehouse or at the stores. This oversight results in undisclosed costs for retailers. Truck arrivals often display irregular patterns, leading to yard congestion, shortages of available docks, and imbalances in the allocation of warehouse resources. The process of requesting information or managing claims largely depends on manual procedures. Ultimately, performance and SLA evaluations often rely more on emotional factors than on insights derived from data analysis, leading to useless discussions.

Experience indicates an average expense of approximately 33€ per occurrence, attributable to administrative overheads and suboptimal warehousing practices.

Streamliner offers an easy-to-implement solution to this problem and can reduce this cost price up to 8€ per order.​ 

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