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Every manufacturer relies on an efficient supply chain to drive its operations. The seamless flow of goods, both inbound from suppliers and outbound to customers, plays a pivotal role. Streamliner's advanced inbound and outbound monitoring platform significantly enhances this process. It diligently traces the journey from the moment an incoming order is dispatched until the goods are received at your warehouse, and likewise for outgoing orders to your customers. Historical data has shown that managing this process incurs a cost of 33€ per order. However, Streamliner can help you trim this expense by 8€, resulting in substantial savings.

Use Streamliner to:

  • Assign warehouse slots dynamically based on your available resources

  • Intelligently adapts the slot length to the size of the shipment and type of operation 

  • Reduce congestion and idle time time at the warehouse and factory reception

  • Monitor and follow up on the inbound and outbound streams

  • Avoid administration overhead in your contacts with customers, suppliers and carriers

  • Efficiently manage and monitor SLAs using data, not emotions



Reduce out of stock 

Streamliner offers a user-friendly tool that is simple to install and use, enhancing quality and fostering better collaboration for your customers.

supply chain staff working together

Visibility on loading & unloading ​operations

Up-to-date details regarding expected arrival date and time, eradicating the fragmented information streams that presently inconvenience your key stakeholders

Improving customer service

Built in chat automatically directed to the appropriate contact at your location


Dashboards that monitor SLAs based on factual data, not emotions


Minimise truck waiting time and administration

Streamliner is as a collaborative platform, seamlessly connecting you with your suppliers and their carriers on one side, and with your customers and carriers on the other side. This brings tangible benefits to all parties engaged.

Optimised warehouse resource utilisation

Eliminate manual slot booking and increase the efficiency of your workforce by spreading shipments according to their availability and your warehouse topology.

Streamlined communication

Your customers, suppliers, and all carriers manage their own user accounts for order and shipment-focused communication and document exchange.

Improve administration

Reduce time spent on emails and calls for order monitoring and claims resolution. And reduce paperwork by embracing digital document uploads and exchanges.

robot arm


Increase operational efficiency 

Streamliner involves carriers in supplying dependable information about scheduled deliveries or pick-ups, enabling precise operational planning at the warehouses.

Streamliner tool screen shots

Versatile configuration of your warehouse

The number of warehouses is not limited. Slot lengths considers the specific zones within warehouses or stores, as well as the available resources

Dynamic slot booking

Self-service slot booking with immediate confirmation. Enhance workforce efficiency by distributing inbound and outbound shipments based on resource availability.

Optimise inbound and outbound capacity

Effortlessly set and adjust loading and unloading capacities for your factories and warehouses throughout the week, and even within a single day.


One platform - three functional blocks

The Streamliner platform consists of three functional blocks : slot booking, inbound and outbound monitoring and collaboration that work together to optimise the manufacturer's supply chain.


Overall cost savings

Efficient inbound flow is essential for manufacturers, preventing stock shortages and potential production disruptions, ultimately guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Although most ERP systems proficiently handle the internal processes, they often overlook the phase between placing an order and receiving the goods at the warehouses of factories. This gap leads to hidden expenses for manufacturers. Truck arrivals tend to cluster in peaks and troughs, causing yard congestion, dock shortages, and imbalances in warehouse and factory reception resource allocation. The process of seeking information or managing claims primarily relies on manual methods. Ultimately, performance evaluations and SLA reporting in many instances are rooted in emotions rather than data-driven insights

Experience indicates an average expense of approximately 33€ per occurrence, attributable to administrative overheads and suboptimal warehousing practices.

Streamliner offers an easy-to-implement solution to this problem and can reduce this cost price up to 8€ per order.​ 

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