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Cross-company collaboration makes your B2B supply chain meet the Amazon standard!

To keep up with the "Amazon" standard, B2B supply chains must be fast, real-time, and user-friendly.

This can only be achieved if business partners share in real-time data and make this data actionable by embedding within a 2-way communication and collaboration features, known from tools such a Slack or WhatsApp. And Sharing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time among all stakeholders is the catalyst for performance enhancement and elevating service levels across the community.

It's evident that dedicated collaboration tools are the enablers for such supply chain collaboration.

Additional savings can be generated by equipping these platforms with self-service solutions, f.e. digitizing the slot booking process, allowing carriers can manage their slots and the system can optimize them without manual intervention. And automating internal inquiries, such as accessing information about orders and shipments. This frees up critical time with supply chain teams.

Streamliner leads the charge in digital supply chain platforms designed for multi-enterprise collaboration and communication.

We link over 3,000 companies in 35 countries worldwide. Streamliner's track record showcases savings of up to €8 per order, underscoring the effectiveness of collaboration in driving cost efficiency.

In the next short video, you can listen to Kris Van Ransbeek, one of the founders of Streamliner, explaining the value digital collaboration and self-service solutions, will bring your company.

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