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Smart time slot management reduces truck waiting times.

slot booking.

Get loading &
unloading visibility.

Supply made

Operational efficiency, simplified.

Streamliner allows your carriers to book suitable delivery or pickup slots at your warehouses online. Imagine the efficiency gains: you’ve got no more congestions and bottlenecks at your gates, you can plan your resources accurately, and you avoid overtime and overstaffing.

Landing Slotbooking Features

Tap into the cloud
and enable agile

You tap into the cloud to connect with your carriers. You can follow online when they will arrive, what they will deliver, how much time they will need at your premises, and what resources and capacities you need to reserve. No unpleasant surprises for you.

across enterprises.

One platform
for all.

It’s a bliss for your carriers too. The platform automatically limits the options to slots that perfectly match their freight. As a result, they can be confident that you’ll be prepared, and that the operation will run smoothly. If there’s an issue, you are just a chat away from each other.

Streamliner’s platform makes life easier for all people involved. It’s easy, secure, and very efficient, both for the warehouse operators and the carriers. Freight delivery and pick-up become a joy for everyone.


Learn how Streamliner improves warehouse efficiency & reduces truck waiting times by 40%.

Landing Slotbooking Benefits

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